The most visited tourist places in the world

The world is full of amazing places. In all continents of the earth there are breathtaking tourist spots. If you are a lover of discovery and travelling, it is very difficult to make a choice among all these tourist destinations as magnificent as each other. Here is a selection of the most visited tourist places in the world for you.

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral

This iconic monument, which attracts more than 14 million visitors per year, is a marvel of human ingenuity. This architecture, erected to pay homage to Visp Mary, this cathedral was built for two centuries. Its architecture is very particular. Only the framework of this building required 1300 oaks. Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral is the allure place for the Roman Catholic sanctuary. Unfortunately, this architecture suffered a serious fire in devastated a good part of the structure. However, the renovation work has already started. This work aims to restore clarity to this emblem at the time. Visitors will only have to wait a few years to be able to see this Cathedral again.

The Great Wall of China

We've all heard of the Great Wall of China once. This large construction attracts many tourists from all over the world. Its history is very special. At the base, it was built to avoid the invasions of barbarian men wanting to plunder the goods of the country. Its construction was done over many years and required the contribution of thousands of Chinese citizens. It is recognized worldwide as the greatest construction that mankind has ever made because of the size and it is spacious. It is 6700 km long and is spread over 180 million cubic feet. To walk through such a wonder of human ingenuity is a special experience

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