Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Reuse Already Registered Mobile Number in IRCTC Account

Registered Mobile Number in IRCTC

IRCTC Mobile number Reuse is a very complicated issue.Why Because you are using a recycled/already registered mobile number. The number was being used by someone else before getting allotted to you, and that user has not updated his/her new number in the IRCTC account.

Contact IRCTC Customer Care Executive
 Once a mobile number registered with IRCTC, even though you call for the deactivation of the registered account, IRCTC database DOES NOT purge the mobile numbers EVER. Hence, the only way suggested is to use a new mobile number which hasn’t been previously registered with any IRCTC account irrespective of its status (active or inactive status).

Update IRCTC Registered Mobile Number
Login to your registered IRCTC account where you want to update mobile number. There you can find change the mobile number option under settings tab.registered a mobile number is a default number for booking, confirmation, and cancellation of your ticket. When you are booking a self or someone else ticket through your account, you can find change mobile number column which shows along with the registered mobile number.This option is available in enable mode to change on require.

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