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Easy Ways to Get Quick Darshan in Tirumala

There are different types of Darshans available in Tirumala Tirupati.devotee can get quick and comfort darshan if they know available various darshans in Tirumala.

Sarva Darshan
There is free darshan in Tirumala called Sarva darshan.It takes more time to get darshan of Lord Balaji. This is not a running queue.Devotees need to wait in vaikuntam-2 for some time.
Divya Darshan
this darshan is only for devotees who reach Tirumala by steps.there are two footpath ways to reach Tirumala.
  • Allipiri footpath way 
  • Sri Vaari Steps
Seeghra Darshan
devotees can book special darshan tickets  TTD online portal.cost of this ticket will be Rs.300.while booking a ticket, It will ask to choose a time slot.devotees should report on or before their time slot.
Senior Citizens and Handicapped Darshan
This special darshan is only for senior citizens and physically disabled devotees.Senior citizens age should be 65 or above.Age proof is required for senior citizens.Disabled people also should carry a medical certificate for their disability.
Infant Darshan
parents who have a child below one-year-old, Those people are allowed for this darshan.this is free darshan for both infant and his/her parents.
VIP break Darshan
there is a special break darshan for VIPs.this darshan will be available in morning break times.central, state ministers, MLAs, MLCs, business magnets and TTD employees are only allowed for this darshan.devotees are also allowed for break darshan who have VIPs or Higher officials recommendation letters.
Mahadhwara  Darshan
country President, Prime minister, chief ministers, other country presidents, are only permitted to enter through mahadhwaram in the temple.

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  1. Hi..what about NRI darshan in Tirumala ?

    1. For Nri people there is separate line is there from supadham entrance. By showing their passport and valid visa, they can go for darshan.